Signed a contract for roller shutter air filter of the sewage treatment plant in the northwest part of the railway in Xinxiang City, Henan Province

May 18, 2019 company news 289 views

Xinxiang City Drainage Engineering Co., Ltd.’s Xinxiang City Railway Northwest Sewage Treatment Plant is a sewage treatment plant with a capacity of 50,000 tons/day. It is located in the northwest of Xinxiang City, on the south bank of the Communist Canal, on the north side of the North Ring and beyond the West Ring. At 700m east, the equipment materials used are:

1. Coarse grid pool, lifting pump pool, fine grid pool, swirl grit tank
2. Oxidation ditch, secondary sedimentation tank, disinfection equipment, clean water tank and pump station, water distribution well and sludge pump tank
3. Blower room, Nanjing Yixiou Ecolead automatic rolling curtain filter, sludge dewatering machine room, transformer, low-voltage power distribution, high-voltage power distribution
4. Metering wells, septic tanks, biological deodorization, valve wells
5. Cables and wires, electrical switches, lighting fixtures,
6. Building materials, wall tiles, floor tiles, interior and exterior wall materials, coatings
7. Automatic control system, instrumentation.

Due to the wide variety of equipment and materials required for the project, it is not possible to list them one by one, and the actual conditions of the project shall prevail

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