Signed a contract for the second-phase expansion of the sewage treatment plant roll-up air filter at Meilan International Airport, Haikou City, Hainan Province

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Haikou Meilan International Airport’s second phase project has a total investment of 14.468 billion yuan, of which the airport project is 13.838 billion yuan and the capital is 6.227 billion yuan. The project is designed in accordance with the target of 35 million passengers and 400,000 tons of cargo and mail in 2025.

According to the approval, the second phase expansion project of Haikou Meilan International Airport is designed in accordance with the target of 35 million passengers and 400,000 tons of cargo and mail in 2025. The main construction content includes airport engineering, air traffic control engineering, and fuel supply engineering. three sides.

Airport engineering: flight area grade index 4F, newly built a runway with a length of 3,600 meters, two parallel taxiways and a connecting road system, the newly-built runway main landing direction is set up with class III precision approach navigation aid lighting system, the secondary landing direction is set up with class I Precision approach navigation aid lighting system; construction of 296,000 square meters of terminal building, 59 aircraft stands of various types, 93,900 square meters of parking buildings, 28,400 square meters of cargo terminal, and 28,000 square meters of aviation Edible room; supporting construction of fire fighting and rescue, communication, power supply, water supply, HVAC and other projects.

Air traffic control engineering: newly built air traffic control approach control complex, shift dormitory and other security buildings with a construction area of 9,500 square meters and supporting facilities; new runway main landing direction construction III type instrument landing system, secondary landing direction construction type I instrument landing System; Construction of 2 sets of surface surveillance radars, 1 set of multi-point positioning systems, Doppler weather radar stations, omnidirectional beacon stations and other air traffic control facilities and equipment.

Fuel supply project: newly build 12.1 kilometers of apron fueling pipelines, 2 car fueling stations, and expanding aviation fueling stations of 3435 square meters.

In the subsequent stage, focus on improving the airport’s collection and distribution system planning, strengthen the organic connection between the airport and other modes of transportation, optimize the operation organization, reflect the requirements of humanized services and safety assurance, and give full play to the role of the airport as an integrated transportation hub; further optimize the terminal Building plan, strengthen the connection between the new and old terminals, improve the design of the airport traffic system, and improve the efficiency of airport operations. Study and improve the non-stop construction plan as soon as possible to ensure the safe operation of the airport during the project implementation stage; supervise the implementation of various risk prevention and mitigation measures, properly handle matters such as land acquisition, demolition, and noise impact, and effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of the people. Strengthen the planning and control of the airport and surrounding areas, protect the clearance and electromagnetic environment, and synchronize the construction of off-site public supporting facilities.

The quality of airport sewage is similar to that of domestic sewage, and the amount of sewage discharged is relatively large. After the biochemical treatment of the airport sewage, the filtration and disinfection process is adopted. The treated water can meet the standard of reclaimed water for landscape water use (CJ/T95-2002), and is used for greening and landscape water. Nanjing Yixiou coiled filter is normal for the airport Operation escort.

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