The clean shed purchased by Qingdao Yanjing Electronics Co., Ltd. (Korean enterprise) from our company was successfully delivered

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The 3 sets of modular anti-static clean sheds ordered by Qingdao Yanjing Electronics Co., Ltd. and our company were successfully accepted!

Qingdao Yanjing Electronics Co., Ltd. is a South Korean wholly-owned enterprise established in 1995 with a registered capital of US$3.41 million. It produces audio-visual electronic components, mold manufacturing and metal processing, drinking fountains and parts. Our company’s products mainly include earphones and earplugs , Thermostat, BELLOWS, water dispenser. It has established long-term cooperative relations with Japan’s SONY, Panasonic, Toshiba, South Korea’s LG, and Samsung.

Here we briefly introduce

Small clean sheds are widely used in places where local purification is required. In order to enclose a small space in a turbulent clean room space with anti-static transparent plastic cloth, use independent HEPA or ULPA and air-conditioning blower units to become a higher level The clean space is 100~1000, and the inner height is about 2.0 meters. The pillars can be equipped with movable wheels, which can be used flexibly.

The characteristics of Nanjing Clean Shed-Small Clean Room are: low investment and high efficiency; even if a clean room with a higher level of purification is established in an existing clean room, it will not affect normal production. The flexible and diverse design brings maximum convenience and practicality to customers.

This equipment is widely used in industries such as photoelectric display, microelectronics, aseptic packaging, food, medical equipment, pharmacy, and dust-free coating.
Description of related parameters of the clean shed: FFU support frame structural parts, anti-static curtains, etc. can be assembled into a variety of sizes of 100-100,000 clean rooms and clean production lines

Features of clean shed:
1. Modular and assembled structure design, easy construction, can greatly shorten the construction time on site;
2. Compared with the civil clean room, the cost is low;
3. It is suitable for the construction of small clean areas.

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