Signed the contract for automatic roller shutter filter of Xinmin Jikang Sewage Treatment Plant in Xinmin City, Shenyang

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Yatong Environmental Protection (Shenyang) Co., Ltd. (Xinmin Jikang Sewage Treatment Plant) is located in Shenyang City, Liaoning Province, with a designed treatment capacity of 50,000 cubic meters of sewage per day. The main construction content includes plant civil construction, process equipment, process pipeline installation, electrical and automatic control system installation, lighting, lightning protection and grounding, heating, ventilation, plant road construction and greening, etc. Since Yatong Environmental Protection (Shenyang) Co., Ltd. (Xinmin Jikang Sewage Treatment Plant) was officially put into operation in July 2009, the sewage treatment equipment has been operating well, with an average daily sewage treatment volume of 33 thousand cubic meters. The project adopts advanced sewage treatment equipment, and the main process of the plant area adopts A2/O treatment process. After the completion of Yatong Environmental Protection (Shenyang) Co., Ltd. (Xinmin Jikang Sewage Treatment Plant), it has greatly improved the urban water environment, and played a very important role in pollution control, protection of local watershed water quality and ecological balance, and at the same time improved investment in Shenyang City The environment plays a positive role in realizing the sustainable economic and social development of Shenyang.

Both the Xinmin City Sewage Treatment Plant (Phase II Project) and the Phase I project selected Nanjing Yixiou Ecolead coiled air filter as the front-stage pre-filter to protect the blower. The Ecolead roller shutter filter protects sewage treatment plants across the country. Escort, to ensure the normal and long-lasting operation of the blower, not to be corroded by particles and pollutants in the air, and to promote the development and progress of the domestic water treatment industry.

Ecolead automatic roller shutter air filters from Nanjing Yixiou are widely used in paint mist treatment in painting workshops, ventilation filtering in subway tunnels, pre-filtering of central air-conditioning air intake systems, and air-conditioning fresh air filtering in textile factories. The air pollution of public facilities such as tunnels, underground parking lots, tunnels, and civil air defense projects is getting more and more serious. In the front section of the electrostatic precipitator filter or medium-efficiency bag filter, Nanjing Yixio automatic rolling curtain air filter is installed to remove a large amount of particulate matter in the air. Reduce labor operating costs. Ecolead Nanjing has rich supporting experience in the fields of electronic turnkey engineering, environmental protection engineering, sewage treatment, paint mist treatment and so on. Welcome to inquire!

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