Which Nanjing has a strong ability to design clean sheds

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Nanjing Yixiou Technology Development Co., Ltd. is located in Jiangbei New District, Nanjing City, a national-level new area, with superior geographical location and convenient transportation. Since its establishment, with the rich experience accumulated over the years and the strong technical force, from design to construction, adhering to the work attitude of “perfect and perfection” and “sincere, high-quality” service, it has been widely praised by the purification industry and customers. A good reputation has established a good corporate image.

Clean shed (simple clean room) (CLEAN BOOTH) is a simple clean room for the most convenient establishment. The clean shed has a variety of cleanliness levels and space matching can be designed and manufactured according to the needs of use, so it is easy to use, flexible, and easy to install. In addition, the short construction period and mobility are the main features. The clean shed can also be added locally to reduce the cost in some areas of the general clean room where high cleanliness is required. The clean shed is a kind of air purification equipment that can provide a local high clean environment. The clean shed is mainly composed of box, fan, primary air filter, damping layer, lamps, etc., and the shell is sprayed with plastic. The product can be hung and supported on the ground. It has a compact structure and is easy to use. It can be used singly or connected to form a belt-shaped clean area.

The clean shed uses industrial aluminum (or stainless steel square pass, iron square pass spray) as the frame, fan filter unit (FFU) air supply, and anti-static curtains (or tempered glass) are hung around. The internal purification level can reach 100- 10,000 levels. It is suitable for areas with high local purification requirements in the operation area.


1. It can be used alone or in combination.

2. Compared with civil or prefabricated 100-class clean room, it has quick effect, easy installation and low operating cost.

3. Modular structure, easy to improve cleanliness level, strong expansibility, and high reuse value.

4. Easy to move (can install universal wheels).

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