pet incinerator price

  1. j) Controls
  2. i) The controls (i.e., switches, knobs, etc.) should be visible and clearly identified, and their functions should

be self-evident.

  1. ii) Device design should prevent misinterpretation of displays and control settings.

iii) Switches and controls should be protected against accidental setting changes (e.g., due to someone brushing

against the panel).

  1. iv) Controls should be sealed against penetration of liquids.

Capacity: 30 kg per hours for a maximum load of 120 kg.


Voltage: 110V-120V

Semiautomatic control board

Stainless steel chimney, 3.5 meters above the incinerator.

High temperature painting for all the incinerator.

Front door for loading and unloading.

Hours of  Operation the burn 4000kg/day ( if to fed as batches , please mention )


  1. k) Labeling
  2. i) Labels and markings should be clear and legible.
  3. ii) Labels and markings should be durable enough to withstand routine cleaning and normal wear.

iii) Appropriate warning legends should be provided on the unit.

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