clinical waste heaters providers

chemical reps to be utilized:
10% heptyl (unsymmetrical dimethylhydrazine) water solution,
heptyl (unsymmetrical dimethylhydrazine) vapour with 0.8 to 1.0 kg/m3 concentration,
10% azotic (nitric) acid water treatment,
azotic (nitric) acid vapour with emphasis as much as 1.1 kg/m3;
2. neutralization approach: thermal degeneration;
C to +1200? C;
5. inlet stress and anxiety: as high as 2 bars;
6. automated control system;
7. total dimensions shall enable positioning the device on a cars and truck structure.
clinical waste heaters producers General Specs
6mm plate steel sheel building
11cm 1400 o C Refractory L iner
Temperature controlled Heaters
Added combustion Heating systems
Interlock Turn On Load Doors
Separate Ash Door
One 2nd second Home @ 1000 o C.
400 ° C Silicone Based Paint Full.
Alloy Temperature Noticing System.
Manufacturing facility wired as well as checked out.
Capacity-20 kg/ human resources.
Primary Chamber-1607 L.
Hearth Area-1:36 sq. m.
Secondly Chamber-694 L.
Main Heater (oil) -420,000 btu.
Second Heating system (oil) -900,000 btu.
secondary Combustion-1/ 6 hp.
Exhaust Stack-46cm x 6m.
Electrical Service-220/ 50.
Weight System-5.700 kg.
Dimension “D” -152 centimeters.
Tons Port Elevation- 60x 60 centimeters.
Ash Port Altitude -36 x 36 cm

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