medical incinerators

* scientific burners, The insulation of the burning chamber require to be made up of refractory bricks, having a.
high web content of aluminium and likewise protects bricks in order to make sure a minimum temperature level on.
the outdoors sheet metal.
* Structure of the refractory;

? Refractory concrete:.
?. Density: ≥ 100 mm.
?. Nature: 42% of Al203.
? Safeguard in coarse panels:.
?. Thickness: ≥ 75 mm.
? Nature: Calcium silicate.
* Heating unit of lighting of waste, with gas, typical mono-bloc casting leading diving fire, lights and also security of electronic ignition, long-term ventilation, electromagnetic sluice entrance of regulation as well as also separating valve.
* Plate of burning in Carborundum, preventing the taking care of glass and slags.

18. A chamber of message combustion of gases.
* A heater of burning of gases,.
* A device of shot of air permitting a total recombustion of gases,.
* A gadget of air inlet of cooling of waste gases,.
* A sheath of emptying of the gases burnt.
* Carcass in strong sheet steel with assistance of web link.
* Structure of the refractory;.
? Refractory concrete:.
? Density: ≥ 150 mm.

* Framework of the refractory;

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