animal incinerators

The incinerator shall be equipped with a Diesel oil tank that will be supplied with DO from our DO tank located in the

power station. The tank shall be equipped with level switches and appropriate solenoid valves for automatic filling of

the tank. The tank shall also be equipped with a magnetic level indicator, level switches and appropriate drain valves,

separate overflow and vent pipes.

Oil-fired multi-stage waste incinerator of pyrolytic type shall be installed complete with interconnecting flue gas

ductwork between the incinerator and the chimney outlet.


The unit shall be manufactured in accordance with the latest ASME code, BS and DIN standards.


The waste disposal shall be environmentally acceptable and the incineration emission shall comply with the admissible

emission limits (international EC-Standards). The visibility of flue gases shall not exceed one Ringelmann. The waste

shall be completely burnt and the content of un burnt organic matter of the ash shall not exceed 3%.


The unit shall allow for a minimum of 2.0 seconds retention time.




  1. Coordinate the entire assembly of incinerator, stack, controls, fuel supply.


  1. Provide written certification that the entire assembly has been coordinated to achieve the required performance

and to provide the required features.


  1. Equipment, installation, and operation shall conform to NFPA 82. Where conflicts exist between NFPA 82 and this

specification, this specification shall govern.


1.3        SUBMITTALS:


  1. Submit in accordance with Section 01 33 23, SHOP DRAWINGS, PRODUCT DATA, AND SAMPLES.


  1. Incinerator:


  1. Arrangement, description of construction, and outline drawings of incinerator and accessories showing

clearances and dimensions.


  1. Predicted performance including burn time based on waste composition specified.


  1. Calculation of secondary chamber retention time.

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