smart ash incinerator price

Flue Gas Cleaning




? Wet Scrubber


? Electrostatic precipitation in combination ( Optional: Rate to be


quoted separately)



7 Chimney Height 10m (minimum)




?     Total duration of the supervision of installation, testing and commissioning works shall not exceed 2 weeks.



2.11       Commissioning



Commissioning  tests  to  be  carried  on  site  shall  include  but  not  limited  to  the following.



?     Capacity test with respect to guaranteed particulars

?     Emission test with respect to limits set in annex 1. Note that bidder shall provide its own test kit for

carrying out the emission tests.

?     Flame safeguard. The operation of the flame safeguard system should be verified by causing flame and  ignition

failures.  Operation of  the audible alarm (where applicable) and visible indicator should be verified. The shutdown

times should be verified.

?     Testing of all shutdowns to the system.

?     All interlocks provided should be tested for proper operation as specified by the unit manufacturer.

?     Combustion controls. The combustion controls should be stable and operate

– For some applications requiring rotary kiln incinerators but narrow;


– For hospital; incinerators requiring fuel as LPG, diesel or heavy fuel oil: This market segment, my company have been

had group customers to supply the equipment for more 5 years.


– Especially, the incinerator – model series (No auxiliary fuel is required): Those products are feasible to sales

hundreds and thousand over the Vietnamese market in case of your products owned the optimal technical specifications

and reasonable price. Those products are beginning and suitable solution for combusting solid waste in Vietnamese

market which I have already market research and testing.

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