incinerators 300 kg per hour

Manual autoclave with vertical loading; gravity displacement type with possibility for Vacuum.


Capacity:      Up to 12 kg/h


Chamber size:      >150 liters


Material:       Stainless steel


Temperature:       134 °C


Further information:


Minimum autoclave chamber size shall be 150 liters and shall have a usable volume (loading basket) of 100 liters.

Shall work according to gravity air displacement principle.

The vacuum system shall be of a thermal shock type.


The pressure vessels should be pressure tight, the rising of the pressure (at a start pressure of below 80 mbar)

shall be lower than 1 mbar/min.


With in-build electrical heating elements for steam generation (heating elements > 4000 Kw).

Chamber and door shall be made from high quality stainless steel (e.g. AISI 3161).

Chamber in vertical position, it shall allow an easy loading/unloading of the loading basket.


2 Baskets of >100 l for the loading and unloading of waste shall be included. The baskets shall be designed for the

usage of non-heat resistant waste bags, a system for the collection and controlled release of free liquids and

condensate from the waste shall be incorporated.

The temperature measured at the reference measurement point of the treatment chamber shall not be lower than 105°C

(TDes 0+4). The treatment time shall be ≥30 minutes at 105°C, ≥20 minutes with a temperature used of ≥121°C (TDes

0+4) and ≥10 minutes with a treatment temperature of ≥ 134.

The steering of the treatment process should be semi-automatically as well as manual.

The Treatment Equipment shall be equipped with at least the following instruments:

o   treatment chamber temperature indicating instrument

otreatment chamber pressure indicating instrument

For the treatment of the outgoing air, a HEPA filter in combination with a condensation system should be used.

The filter shall be built in a way that a disinfection of the filter shall be possible in a built-in condition.


The filters must be heat resistant, steam resistant, hydrophobic and pressure resistant for the pressure difference.


Cooling down phase after treatment should be existent; the temperature of the waste should be not higher than 80°C

after finishing the cooling down process.

The pressure vessel should be equipped with a heat insulation, the maximum outer surface temperature should be < 50°

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