incinerators from china

An operating test should be conducted to ensure that all of the control components have been properly installed and

that all parts of the incinerator, including controls and safety devices, are in satisfactory operating condition. The

requirements for prepurge and time between restarts should be verified. The test should include but not limited to the


?     Capacity tests of incinerator

?     Flame safeguard. The operation of the flame safeguard system should be verified by causing flame and  ignition

failures.  Operation of  the audible alarm (where applicable) and visible indicator should be verified. The shutdown

times should be verified.

?     Testing of all shutdowns to the system.

?     Interlocks. All interlocks provided should be tested for proper operation as specified by the unit


?     Combustion controls. The combustion controls should be stable and operate smoothly.

?     Programming       controls.       Programming       controls should   be   verified  as


controlling and cycling the unit in the intended manner. Proper prepurge, ignition, postpurge, and modulation should be

verified. A stopwatch should be used for verifying intervals of time.

?     Fuel supply controls. The satisfactory operation of the fuel control solenoid valves for all conditions of

operation and shutdown should be verified.

?     Low voltage test. A low voltage test should be conducted on the incinerator unit to satisfactorily demonstrate

that the fuel supply to the burners will be automatically shut off before an incinerator malfunction results from the

reduced voltage.

?     Switches. All switches should be tested to verify proper operation. Emission tests. The exhaust of the

incinerator shall be tested to comply with local emission limits given in annex 1. Note that this test has to be

witnessed by an independent body acceptable by the CEB. The test shall include measurement of parameters given in annex

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