pet crematorium equipment

Finally, steam to  the jacket should shut off, the unloading door is to be opened

Then the shaft and mixing arms are reversed to act as unloading mechanism and should scoop the waste fragments out of

the unloading door, onto a conveyor belt or directly into a waste container.

The vessel should now be ready for another treatment cycle, having retained most of its heat for the treatment of the

next batch.

(B)Features and Specification of the Steam Boiler:

Features of the Boiler:

It must be an Electrical boiler

Splash proof electric enclosure and switches

Door Isolator to main electric enclosure

Alarm lights and Safety/protection against excel pressure

Level control on feedback water tank

Technical specification of the Boiler:

Output: between: 90-110 kg/h (F&A 100 deg C)

Working pressure: between 7-10 bar

Boiler water content: between 80-100 liter

Feed water tank content : between 60-80 liter

Power consumption: between 60-75 Kw

Number of Heating Elements: 3-4 nos.

Electrical requirements: 400Vac, 50 Hz, 3 ph

(C)Technical Specifications of Tub washer


Fully automatic and manual modes.

Metal construction, SA 240/304

Sensors to maximize both machine efficiency and operator safety.

Must use Re-circulating cold wash water to minimize water consumption and operating costs

Disinfects all bin surfaces

Uses Powerful blow dryer to remove excess surface water

Must be compliant with all North American and EU regulations


Tub washer able to wash bins of a suitable size , the norm being 38 g

Must have an water reservoir of capacity minimum : 225 liter

Perfectly suited for hospitals and clinics by processing up to min.300 bins per hour.

Time to wash and dry one bin after loading-approximately 12 nos.

Bins loading on wash station at a time -approximately 12 nos.

Overall length: approx 30.0 feet

Overall length: approx 8.0 feet

Overall length: approx 3.0-3.5 feet

Height to Conveyer from ground: approx 3 feet.

Drive of the Tub washer

Motor driven

Motor Horsepower : approx. 4.0 HP

Power : 220vac, 1 ph or 400 VAC , 3 ph or to suit customer needs

Bins to be included

200 nos. with different color (based on the actual requirement of the hospital)

(D)Technical Specification of External SHREDDER Controls

Pre-programmed PLC controlled

Password activated and reversal history indication

Motor starter with overload protection

Automatic instantaneous stop on hard object in shredder bed

Automatic heavy cutting load reversal and re-try , up to three times

Control housing Nema Type 12

Cutting Hardwires

Chamber Dimensions (W x L x H): approx. 33 cm x 38 cm x 25 cm

Number of Knives: approx 18 or to suit customer needs

Knife Thickness : approx 18 mm or to suit customer needs

Knife Diameter : approx 16 cm or to suit customer needs

Teeth per Knife: minimum 3

Number of Shafts : 2 ie double shaft shredder

Drive of the shredder

Must be motor driven

Motor Horsepower: approx. 10 HP

Motor RPM: minimum 1750

Speed Reduction : 60:1

Generated Torque : min 40 Nm or 350 Ibs/in.

Gearbox: should be Parallel shaft

Shock Protection: Rubber Mount Torque Arm

Power: 220vac, 1 ph  or 400 VAC , Ph or to suit customer needs

Ancillaries to be included

Shredder stand, fabricated from 3” sq. steel tube, standard height 30 inches

Shredder hopper , fabricated from 16 gauge steel, with optional switched hopper lid

(E)Features & Technical Specification of Conveyer

To carry processed waste from vessel to shredder


Motor starter with overload protection

Control housing Nema Type 12

Safety pull-stops along both sides of conveyer


Conveyer stand, fabricated from 2” sq. steel  tube

Raised sidewalls fabricated from 16 gauge steel


Over-all length: between 20-25 feet or appropriate length depending on the installation requirement.

Over-all width: between 24-30 inch

Over-all height (without including stand): between 12-14 inch

Available inclines:    0-40 degrees

Belt Speed: 75 ft/min

Dam spacing: approx. 16 inch


Motor driven

Horsepower :approx. 0.75 HP

Motor RPM: approx. 60

Electrical Power input : 220vac, 1phj or 400 VAC , 3 Ph or to suit customer needs

(F)Technical Specification of Tipper


It is to be designed to allow for easy bin positioning under the door to unload processed waste and easy

maneuverability for lifting and tipping the waste into the shredder hopper.

Equipped with 2 binds to accommodate processed waste loads to be loaded into the shredder and shredder waste to be

transported to the disposal bin.

Frame: Rugged heavy duty frame constructed of formed and welded steel for extra strength

Mast: Fabricated with cannel steel for greater strength and dependability. Open structure design complete with safety

cage to offer greater visibility.

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