pet crematory equipment

Physical /Chemical Characteristics:

Boiling Point (_F) :  N/A                     Appearance & Odor: Off white, odorless

Vapor Pressure(mm Hg): N/A        Volatiles (% by weight): N/A

Vapor Density (Air =1) :N/A         Evaporation Rate )n-butylacetate=1): N/A

HMIS Classification :

Health:1; Flammability: 1


Reactivity Data:

Stability: Stable

Conditions to Avoid: None Know

Incompatibility (materials to avoid: Strong oxidizers

Hazardous Decomposition: Thermal Decomposition: CO, CO2 and NOx  hydrocarbons

Hazardous polymerization: will not occur

Handling and storage precautions:

Store in cool, dry place Avoid breathing powder. Avoid eye and skin contact.  Store in tightly closed container. 80% of

shelf life should present at the time supply.





A1) Technical Specification: Incinerators


All types of diesel fired incinerators suitable for HCW may be offered as long as they can safely treat medical

waste. The equipment should be compliant with all requirements for installation in Kenya. All components for

installation must be included.


Technical evaluation will consider the entire system including the treatment plant. It will be the responsibility of

the Bidder to supply a full system, including all necessary secondary systems and/or additional equipment.


The calorific value of the generated waste from the healthcare facilities differs from 5,000 kJ/kg (e.g. pathological

waste) up to 40,000 kJ/kg (filled sharp boxes) with an expected average heating value of waste of 14,000 kJ/kg.


An approved plant must have four distinct sections that demonstrate three principles of Turbulence, Residence Time and

Temperature inbuilt in the plant design .The regulated sections may include but not limited to:


Overall plant layout


Feed chamber/ charging


Primary Combustion Chamber


Secondary Combustion Chamber


Particulate Scrubbers


Acid Gas Scrubbers


The stack/ chimney

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