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heater for medical waste.Controlled air clinical waste incinerator produced for incineration of bio-medical waste created at a blood-processing center. The waste to be handled mainly includes bio-waste (i.e. physical fluids), transmittable and likewise polluted products such as syringes, needles, as well as other clinical waste (i.e. silicon rubbers, plastic, fabrics, papers, packs, and so on). […]

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incinerator providers.7) Burn cost: 15 – – – – 20 Kg/h 8) Ability: very little less than 130 L. 9) Concentrations of numerous contaminants in heap gases listed below discovery limitations. 10) Gasoline. 11) Electronic system control. 12) Easy to run and also really little training. 13) Any kind of type of tool or devoted […]

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CSH Wellness Facility, (Calabar, Nigeria) Mmedical waste burner qualified of obtaining rid of roughly 0.5 cubic meter of pathological or contagious waste. Burner to have twin burning chamber as well as control amount of dioxin as well as various other gasses discharged without being damaging. Approximated measurements, to distributors common, nevertheless to be portable as […]

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Nanjing Clover Medical Technology Co.,Ltd. local in Nanjing city, China which is near to Shanghai port. We are Waste Incinerator Manufacturer in China. We produce medical waste incinerators, pet animal cremation equipment and othe solid waste incinerators. The burning rate from 10kgs,20kgs,30kgs,50kgs,100kgs,150kgs,200kgs,300kgs,500kgs,600kgs per hour, the daily treatment capacity up to 6ton per day. Clover Incinerators […]

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Waste Incinerator International Market Analytics Date. Jun. 10, 2012   Key Word: small incinerators medical waste incinerator pet animal cremation incinerator incinerator manufacturers     Incinerator is a incineration equipment, direct fire waste by gas fuel or oi fuel. As different circumscription, incinerator can be named many words as below:   Treatment capacity: small scale […]


Q: what is kind of waste can use in this equipment? A: This equipment for medical waste, pet animal, Municipal waste, live waste. Prohibit any explosive and radiation material, liquid waste and gas waste.   Q: Incinerator Smoke Standard A: China Government Standard: No.GB18484-2001.   Q: Treatment capacity A: Average Capacity calculated by medical waste(lower […]

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.Necessary tooling and gauges shall have also to be supplied.   14.Supplier shall have to arrange free training for user staff in operation and maintenance   15.Supplier shall have to provide related drawings/diagrams (civil, mechanical and electrical etc.)electrical load and electrical circuitry   16.Warranty period shall be 24 months from date of proving test. We […]

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Intermittent Feed (w/optional loader): .9 yd3/hr (.7 m3/hr) up to 8 hrs/day         Specifications: Length overall -9′-6″ (2896 mm) batch system w/o loader         18′-6″ (5639mm) w/optional loader system Width overall -7′-6″ (2820mm)         Height (w/o stack) -10′-0″ (3048mm) Approx. Weight – 14,000 lbs. (6364 kg) […]


Heater 20 Kg Burner electrically ran containing: A cage for receipt of biomedical waste; A burning chamber with fireplace with a filter to preserve ashes; A cover; An air supply; A wind generator allowing supply air. Burning temperature: 1800 ° C. Consists of all gadgets. ▪ The burner ought to be a modern-day garbage disposal […]