incinerator manufacturer

HICLOVER brand is holder of Nanjing Clover Medical Technology Co.,Ltd. we are incinerator manufacturer in china and we made waste incinerator for medical waste, pet cremation, animal incineration and other solid waste treatment. HICLOVER is famous incinerator manufacturer all over the world and our incinerators sale to many countries. Items/Model TS10(PLC) TS20(PLC) TS30(PLC) TS50(PLC) TS100(PLC) […]

low-cost medical waste incinerator

low-cost medical waste incinerator is good idea for small clinic, small hospital, etc.Incineration is the only method providing complete destruction and neutralization of the medical waste ideally at the source. For developing country and regions, we support cheap cost budget customer to purchase the small scale incinerator, with basic function, burning rate 10kgs to 50kgs […]

waste incinerator

waste incinerator means incineration the waste by incineration. we supply waste incinerator for medical hospital waste, pet cremation and animal incineration and other solid waste treatment. the waste incinerators have 2 combustion chamber, the first burner burn the waste in the primary combustion chamber and the other burner burn the smoke from primary combustion chamber. […]

china incinerator manufacturer and exporter

HICLOVER, Nanjing Clover Medical Technology Co.,Ltd, supply system solutions for medical environmental protection, animal and pet cremation engineering, other municipal solid waste incineration project. HICLOVER is growing brand for environmental protection field, and market share with most of Africa, Middle East, Southeast Asia countries and part of North America, Europe territory. We are trusted partner […]

laboratory incinerator

  Incineration is the most environmentally acceptable method of laboratory waste disposal.  Combustion of organic materials with excess oxygen at high temperatures for sufficient time results in degradation to elemental constituents or by-products that are easier to handle in an environmentally acceptable manner.  In addition to heat, the principle products of incineration are carbon dioxide, […]

waste incinerator manufacturer in china

we are waste incinerator manufacturer in china, focus on medical waste, pet animal and other solid waste incineration treatment. waste incinerator design with single combustion chamber, double combustion chambers, three combustion chambers and multi-combustion chambers. standard waste incinerator fixed with italy fuel burner and staninless steel long life time chimney. standard waste incinerator also fixed […]

Livestock Incinerator

Basic Info. Export Markets:Global Additional Info. Trademark:CLOVER Packing:Wooden Carton Origin:China Nanjing City Production Capacity:1000 Sets Per Year Product Description Technology Respond(FAQ)  Q: What’s kind of waste may use in this equipment?  A: This equipment for medical waste, pet animal, Municipal waste, live waste. Prohibit any volatile and radiation substance, liquid waste and gas waste.  Q: […]

medical waste incinerator manufacturers

Hiclover, medical waste incinerator manufacturers, with different model, design,marketing price.We are china incinerator manufacturer, contractor and exporter. Manufacturer make reasonable price for incinerator customer, supply medical incinerator, hospital incinerator, animal incinerators, hog incinerators, pet cremation equipment, small incinerator, pet incinerator, animal incinerator, portable incinerator, small animal incinerator, infectious waste pyrolysis machine, laboratory incinerator. HICLOVER help […]

Animal Corpse Incineration Furnace

Basic Info. Export Markets:Global Additional Info. Trademark:clover Product Description First, for the medical waste from hospital, the pyrolytic incinerators is greatest treatment up to now. Pyrolytic technology can ruin the virus, pollution control.  Secondly, for individual body, pet animal, in most nations and areas, we want to cremation them. As above two rationale although not […]

Municipal Waste Incinerator

Basic Info. Pullution Sources:Solid Waste Processing Processing Methods:Combustion Export Markets:Global Additional Info. Trademark:clover Product Description Application Scope:  1. Hospital& clinic: Iatric Waste, Infectious Waste, Dressing, Bio-Waste, Medicine.  2. Slaughter House &Pet Hospital &Farm: Dead Animal, Bio-Waste.  3. Community & Sea Port & Station: Municipal Solid Waste, etc.  4. Laboratories, Remote Locations, Disaster Relief Operations, Animal […]