Best Feeding Door Solid Waste Incinerators HICLOVER

HICLOVER Top Feeding Door Waste Incinerators ▲▲▲Large Feeding Door ▲▲▲Better for Animal Waste Cremation ▲▲▲HICLOVER Brand Section ***Primary Combustion Chamber ***Secondary Combustion Chamber ***Smoke Filter Chamber ***Optional Wet Scrubber System(1 section or  3 sections) Phone: +86-13813931455(whatsapp/wechat)Website:  Email: [email protected]Email: [email protected]   Nanjing Clover Medical Technology Co.,Ltd. Items Side Loading Door Top Loading Door Cost Cheap High cost Manufacture Tech. Easy A litter difficult […]

Medical Center Waste Monitoring

Hospital Waste Management in Addition to Competitive costs as Pakistan is a competitive market. We have a complete setup with Office, Client Relations, Import / Export, Biomedical Department, Application Support Department & Project Designing Department.Description        Minimum Requirements Length Dimensions: Description or grate/hearth    A full hearth supplied to stop contaminated liquids from flowing into the […]

Burner for medical Centre waste monitoring

Resources Of The Wastes. Advanced gas treatment system to avoid discharge of dangerous gases (massaging system). x). Made use of cotton fabrics. r). Slurry/adhesive/grease/ powder coating wastes. Heater for healthcare facility waste surveillance with the sticking to features: – – In high temperatures( pyrolytic burner two chambers with temperatures varying from 950 º C to […]

Mobile Cremation Instruments

Layout CA-200 Picture Burning Rate Regular 100 kgs/hour Key Burning Chamber 2000 Liters Extra Burning Smokeshaft Yes Feed Setting Guidebook Voltage 220V Power 3.0 Kw Gas Kind Diesel Oil Heater Italy Original Oil Use (Diesel Oil) Normal 53 kg/hour Interior Dimensions 230 x 100 x 90cm (key chamber) External Dimensions 290 x 200 x 170cm […]

30kgs Speed 60kgs feed oil and gas burner small waste incinerator

30kgs rate 60kgs feed oil and gas burner small waste incinerator for Afghanistan Machine Working mode Oil or Gas + Power Voltage 220V Oil consumption (lit/hour) Typical 13.3lit/hour/chamber Gas consumption (NG) (m3/hour) 16.0 (m3/hour) (NG) Gas consumption (LPG) (m3/hour) 11.7 (m3/hour) (LPG) Burning rate Typical 30kg/hour Feed mode Manual Primary Combustion chamber 360 Liters Secondary Combustion […]

Plus Size Burning Rate : 150-200 kg/hr Strong Waste Devices Main as well as 2nd Combustion Chamber Burner

Items/Model TS500( PLC) Photo Principle Waste Incineration Therapy Melt Rate 150-200 kg/hour Control Setting PLC( Programmable Reasoning Control Heater) Combustion Chamber 2700L Inside Dimensions 190x120x120cm Second Chamber 1300L Smoke Filter Chamber Yes Feed Setting Guide Voltage 220V Oil Intake (kg/hour) Common 28 Gas Use (m3/hour) *** Temperature Show Digital Show Temperature Level Safety And Security […]

Device Measurement : Burning Rate : 60-80 kg/hr Pyrolytic Double Chamber Burner

Items/Model TS100( PLC) Image Concept Waste Incineration Treatment Shed Rate 60-80 kg/hour Control Setting PLC( Programmable Reasoning Controller Burner) Burning Chamber 1200L Inside Measurements 120x100x100cm Second Chamber 600L Smoke Filter Chamber Yes( Dry Scrubber) Feed Establishing Guide Voltage 220V Oil Utilization (kg/hour) Common 20.4 Gas Consumption (m3/hour) *** Temperature Level Monitor Digital Present Temperature Level […]

Pyrolytic Twin Chamber Incinerator Small Size : Burning Rate : 30-45 kg/hr ; Optimum Loads Ability : 400 kg

Items/Model TS50( PLC) Image Principle Strong Waste Incineration Burn Price 30-45 kg/hour Control Mode PLC( Programmable Reasoning Control Heater) Burning Chamber 560L Inner Measurements 100x80x70cm Secondary Chamber 280L Smoke Filter Chamber Yes Feed Establishing Manual Voltage 220V Oil Consumption (kg/hour) Frequent 13.3 Gas Intake (m3/hour) *** Temperature Level Screen Digital Show Temperature Level Degree Protection […]