incinerator china

oElectro-ventilator distributing the secondary air, the regulation of the air flow being performed by valves and

following the control of the automatic cycle.

Controls and regulations:

Control box watertight to dust, including:


A switch circuit breaker for each motor (ventilators and burners).

A timer with adjustable temporization for the regulation of every burner.

A regulator with digital watching for the temperature of combustion.

A regulator with digital watching for the warmth of post combustion.

Electric box

The incinerator shall be appropriate to completely burn the sludge without needing to mix or mix it with any other

fuel. The incinerator shall be designed to satisfy the latest design criteria for minimization of smoke emission. The

incinerator shall also be used to burn off both solid and liquid wastes simultaneously.

Supply, installation and testing of medical waste incinerator with a capacity of 75 kilograms / hour, operated by LPG

and including all accessories with chimney in accordance with the technical specifications and public health



Heavy Duty Steel Casing With Heat Retention Fiber

Design Air/ Gas Floe Access to Provide 2-Seconds Gas Retention Time

1x Diesel Fired ignition Burner with Thermostatic On-Off Temperature Control

Particulate/ Gas Combustion at 850C And Above

Zero Smoke or Odor Emissions At 850C And Above





Stainless Steel Chimney Section (1 Meter)

Stainless Steel Stack Cap

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