waste incinerator manufacturers china

Capacity    less than 500Kg/hr.
Fuel    it ought to be double system, such as diesel and natural gas.
Operation    24hr-7days/week continuous operation.
Retention time    Of the flow gases less than 2 Sec in the hot portion.
Feeding System    Should be auto feeding system into primary chamber.
Wet System    If the machine equiped with a CEMS washing the flow gas with water, then it ought to be made from suitable anti corrossion materials, and equiped with pH meter to measure and neutralize the water. It should be able to use the water in closed recycled circuit several times before treating/ discharging into the sewage system in accordance with KEPARS.
Chemical dosing    it ought to be equiped with appropriate autochemical dosing system to control the pH for the water of the wet scrubber system including sensors.
Doors    Should be lined with the same bricks, and the edges lined with special suitable insulating material to prevent any gas escaping, and the doors should be kept under negative pressure throughout the operation.
Secandry combustion chamber 1000-1200 C, with the possibility to be updated to 1400 C.
Detailed drawings, catalogs should be included.

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