Hot sale small waste incinerators 30kgs and 50kgs per hour”


Items/Model TS30(PLC) TS50(PLC)
Burn Rate 30 kg/hour 50 kg/hour
Feed Capacity 60kg 100kg
Control Mode PLC PLC
Combustion Chamber 330L 560L
Internal Dimensions 75x75x60cm 100x80x70cm
Secondary Chamber 180L 280L
Smoke Filter Chamber Yes Yes
Feed Mode Manual Manual
Voltage 220V 220V
Power 0.5Kw 0.7Kw
Oil Consumption (kg/hour) 10.2–20 12.1–24
Gas Consumption (m3/hour) 9.8–20 9.9–26.1
Temperature Monitor Yes Yes
Temperature Protection Yes Yes
Oil Tank 100L 100L
Feed Door 55x50cm 70x55cm
Chimney 5Meter 5Meter
Chimney Type Stainless Steel Stainless Steel
1st. Chamber Temperature 800℃–1000℃ 800℃–1000℃
2nd. Chamber Temperature 1000℃-1200℃ 1000℃-1200℃
Residency Time 2.0 Sec. 2.0 Sec.
Gross Weight 3000kg 4500kg
External Dimensions 175x120x140cm 230x130x155cm

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