animal crematory equipment

  1. ii) The visual alarm must be specific to the problem and remain on until the alarm condition is corrected; it should

not be possible to turn off the visual alarm.


  1. i) Construction Quality
  2. i) The unit should have no sharp edges.
  3. ii) All external components should be securely mounted.

iii) The unit should be secure and provide adequate protection against moving and electrically energized parts.

  1. iv) The unit should be well constructed with durable materials to withstand typical abuse and cleaning.
  2. v) Switches, knobs, and other controls should be designed for conditions of heavy use.
  3. vi) Wiring and tubing should be neatly arranged and bundled, if appropriate. vii) Mechanical, electric, and pneumatic

terminators, connectors, sockets, and

solder joints should be designed to prevent fluid penetration, incorrect connections, and mismating of fitting and


viii)Connections should be secure to resist accidental disconnection and should maintain sterility, when appropriate.

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