diesel oil fired medical waste incenerator

Heat Waste Incinerator Layout D. MEGABYTES 750XL Melt Rate-150Kg/ hr minimum Weight( Kg) -4000 kg Added Chamber

(double chamber with post-burning) Gas Retention Time 2 2nd Gas Diesel Power Supply for control box 220V-240, solitary

phase 50-60Hz Minimum operating temperature degree 1200 oC One year extra parts bundle for full maintainability 10m pipe

pipe. 1100 litre fuel Storage tank +pipeline system Containerised (the container will definitely function as housing) Added smokeshaft development

1 metre high One (1) year warranty.

Heater of 20 Kg: 03 Gadgets

Electrically controlled burner.

Two-compartment heater with a capacity of 20 kg/ hour.

Burner with minimized upkeep as well as operating expense; Prepared with an automated control board as well as very simple to utilize with

electro-magnetic securing of the door.

A major waste decline chamber of 900 ° C. A post second burning chamber of gases developed in the main chamber

at the minimum 1100 ° C.

Carbon deposits in ash much less than 5% by weight in accordance with European Directive 2000/76/ EC.

With refractory cellular lining in products of better
1/ Cost of a 200kgs/Hr medical waste heater.
2/ (CIF Term) Cost of distribution from making center to PAPUA NEW GUINEA port of LAE, Morobe district
3/ Cost of 2 Clover engineers to Oversee, Setup, Educating our engineers and designating the clinical; waste


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