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The doors shall be hinged on the right hand side and can be easily opened and closed. All doors shall be manually

operated. Incinerator shall NOT incorporate automatic doors. All doors should be internally lined with pre-determined

thickness insulation and refractory cement.



The stack shall be fabricated from pre-determined thickness stainless steel plate suitably flanged for connection.


Combustion Air Blower

A combustion air blower shall be of steel construction type with built-in air damper regulation shall be provided. The

impeller shall be of the radial blade design and all rotating elements shall be dynamically balanced.



Burners fitted shall be of packaged fuel oil fired types. Primary chamber shall be fitted with an on/off type burner

while the secondary chamber shall be fitted with a high/low type burner. The burners shall each have a maximum rating

of300,000 kJ/hr.



A control system shall be provided to control all functions of the primary and secondary chambers including combustion

air distribution and burner control. It shall comprise of PLC, temperature controllers, timers, relays and switches to

provide automatic operation of the entire system. All switches and controls shall be mounted in an IP 55 rated control



Power Supply

The incinerators shall have a power supply of 240/415 volts, 50 Hz AC. All electrical works shall conform to SAA Wiring

Rules SA 3000 and be subject to PNG Power regulations.

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