small incinerator

  • Capacity 100 kg/hr of waste containing up to 85% moisture


?      Two combustion chambers


  • Two fully automatic, oil fired, pressure jet burners


  • Panel board


  • Diesel tank of capacity 250 It. with 2 diesel pipelines, filter and valve.


The incinerator shall be ignited using light fuel oil and shall automatically switch over to burning sludge or waste

oil when the required internal temperature has been achieved. When burning sludge, the incinerator shall be able to

maintain the internal temperature by adjusting its sludge flow rate without any make up fuel. The desired internal

temperature shall be within the range of 800°C – 1000 °C and shall be adjustable. Operation of the incinerator shall

be fully automatic.



Control of the incinerator shall be done via PLC that can be easily interfaced with the existing PLC system of the

sludge handling system at the Power Station. Note that the existing system is an Allen Bradley SLC 500 system. The

incinerator shall provide appropriate fault and alarms in case of any abnormal occurrence during its operation.

Protection class of control panel shall be at least IP 54.



The whole incinerator system shall be mounted on a skid that will be installed on concrete flooring. The whole

incinerator shall then be connected to our existing DO and Sludge lines. A containerized solution is also acceptable.

Note that space earmarked for installation of the incinerator unit is 7.8 metre x 4.6 metre.

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