mobile scientific waste burner manufacture organization in china

Capability: 20KG/Hr, Temp Variety: 600 Deg. C– – 1100 Deg. C

Gas Supply: Natural Gas/Diesel

Dual Burning Chamber Complete Scrubbing System (Dual

Resulting Gas Washer), Dual Blower, Chimney Elevation: 8m

Electric Supply: 220/240Volt, Single Phase

1. Kind of waste: Waste
2. Any type of sort of other type:
3. Amount of waste created daily in kg: (50 Lot per day) SOW
4. Duration– – heater will certainly be made use of each day: (Minimum 12 hrs) SOW
5. Approximate moisture material:
6. Regional heater operating in addition to exhaust standards: US-EPA
7. What is the height of the smokeshaft called for: Not recognized
8. Fuel proposed to be utilized: Deiseal Oil
9. Accessibility of power and additionally kind: 220 or 110
10. Information of space easily available: Plenty of room
11. Do you ask for a computerized loading system: [**] Yes [**] No.
12. Do you require a gas rubbing up system: [**] Yes [] No.
13. Exactly exactly how soon do you require the system to be supplied: 30.
14. Any type of sort of other particular demands:.
15. Nature: (Solid/Semi-solid/Liquid)

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