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Medical Waste Shredder


 Capacity: Should be 150 liters.

 Should be capable to shred up to 100 liters of the treated waste.


 The technology should be capable to treat hospital waste including sharps like needles,

lancets, scalpels and soft materials like bandages.

 Must render the waste to be unrecognizable.

Following accompanying documents must be supplied with the treatment system and shall

be available at the Site:

  1. Operation instructions (including process description.
  2. Loading and maintenance procedures.
  3. Short-form of operation and loading procedures.
  4. ASTM International (ASTM):


C401 91 (2005) Standard Classification of Alumina and Alumina-Silicate Castable Refractories


C612 04       Mineral Fiber Block and Board Thermal Insulation


  1. National Fire Protection Association (NFPA):


70 07     National Electrical Code

82 04     Incinerators and Waste and Linen Handling Systems and Equipment


  1. Underwriters Laboratories (UL):


50 07…  Enclosures for Electrical Equipment







  1. The incinerator shall consist of a low temperature carbonizing changer (primary chamber) in which the waste

components are converted into gas by heat which is produced through incomplete combustion as the result of a deficiency

of air, and a gas reactor (thermal reactor) in which the gas is burned with a controlled excess of air.

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