animal incinerator for sale

The incinerator shall be provided with a range of interconnecting ductwork between the thermal reactor outlet

and the inlet of the chimney. This ductwork shall consist of refractory lined tubes and high temperature resistant

tubes made from rolled sheet steel of minimum 3mm thickness, welded along the length.


  1. The standard chimney shall be made of carbon steel plates of minimum 3mm thickness.

Cooling air inlet gap shall be provided at the end of the refractory lined tube on the standard chimney.


  1. The individual chimney sections shall have flanges on both sides.


  1. All sections shall be primed and sprayed with zinc dust enamel paint.


  1. Support wires shall be provided on chimney stacks.


  1. The following shall be located within ductwork run:-


  1. Mounting tubes for optical smoke density instrumentation.


  1. Flexible expansion compensator.


  1. A connection for a chrome/alum. Thermocouple, which is an integral part of the flue gas temperature

indictor/two stage alarm system.




  1. These shall be hinged from the front plate of the primary combustion chamber and shall comprise


1-    A full width access/de-ashing door normally retained in the closed position by two handwheel clamps.


2-    A smaller waste charging door hinged from and located in the main door. This door shall have a minimum of 500

  1. x 500 mm. aperture and be normally retained in the closed position by means of quick release latch.


  1. A viewing port, so constructed that the observation/protective glass is capable of being cleaned whilst the

incinerator is in operation, and located in the waste charging door, to allow the operator to safely observe the

progress of combustion.


  1. Each door shall be fabricated from mild steel and be internally lined to the same standards as the combustion





  1. A single burner, suitable for operation on fuel oil shall be mounted on each combustion chamber.

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