incinerator burners

Fully automatic sequential control provided by internal

PLC system providing control of:

  1. Secondary chamber pre-heat
  2. Burn cycle (variable)
  3. Cool down cycle

Fuel Options

Diesel, LPG, Natural or Bio Gas.

Typical Fuel Consumption

Diesel: 8 / 10 litres per hour

Liquid Propane Gas: 6 / 8 litres per hour

Natural Gas: 7 / 9 Nm3 per hour

Electrical supply

240volt 16 amp.

Key Specifications

Chamber Volume 2.38m3:

2.2m (l) x 0.9m(w) x 1.2m(h)

Load Capacity up to 1000kg

Load Method Top

Medical Waste Incinerator will be quoted in accordance with Technical Specifications provided below:

1) A self-contained, diesel fuel, medical waste incinerator with a minimum burn rate capacity of 100 kg/day.


2) A medical waste incinerator shall be specifically designed by the manufacturer to dispose of all Bio-Hazard medical



3) At a minimum the unit shall be sized to incinerate 2.0 kg/exam-room/24-hrs when being operated continuously for 12

hours per day, but no less than 100kg/day total.


4) The Incinerator shall be manually batch fed.

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