medical waste heat value

18   Electrical supply required 3-phase

19   Auxiliary fuel      Diesel or paraffin

20   Primary burner

21 Secondary (after) burner

22 Type of burners   Automatic pressure jet

23   Output Primary   Approx 600 000 kJ/hour

24   Output Secondary      Approx 750 000kJ/hour

25 Emission control

Heated refractory screen

Low velocity grit arrester screen     Built in

26   Paint case     400 degree Celsius resisting black

27   Paint stack    400 degree Celsius resisting aluminium

28 Temperature of case   Not exceeding 90 degree Celsius

29   Intensifier

30   Automatic fan control

31   GRE factor  1.5

32   Noise (primary)

Noise (secondary)      72 dBA

33   Transport and rigging of plant including crane hire    76 dBA

34   Certificate of analysis as per Annexure 1

35   Commissioning of incinerator

36   Guarantee     3 years

37   Training of operators

38   Availability of local distributor for spare sparts




Common Name   Chemical symbol Compliance: mg/Nm3 under normal conditions of 10% O2, 273 Kelvin and 101.3 kPa

Particulate matter              10

Carbon monoxide      CO 50

Sulphur dioxide  SO2       50

Oxides of nitrogen     NOx expressed as NO2    200

Hydrogen chloride     HCl       10

Hydrogen fluoride     HF  1

Sum of Lead, arsenic, antimony, chromium, cobalt, copper, manganese, nickel, vanadium     Pb+, As+, Sb+, Cr+, Co+, Cu+,

Mn+, Ni+, V       0.5

Mercury Hg  0.05

Cadmium Thallium    Cd+Ti    0.05

Total organic compounds  TOC      10

Ammonia     NH3      10

Compliance: ng I TEQ/Nm3 under normal conditions of 10% O2, 273 Kelvin and 101.3 kPa

Dioxins and furans     PCDD/PCDF      0.1

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