resilient and extremely efficient heaters with different capacities for hospital/medical waste, cremation as well as additionally various other solid waste therapies

Single and also Double Chamber Medical Incinerator.durable and incredibly dependable burners with numerous capacities for hospital/medical waste, cremation in addition to numerous other solid waste therapies.

Chamber Dual

Burning Rate 10 kg per hour (for 2 incinerators)

Burning Price 20 kg per hr (for three heaters)

Packing Method Manual

No of Burners Solitary for 10 kg/hour and Double for 20 kg per human resources

Gas Diesel and likewise Natural Gas

Heat Up Time Not above 20 mins

Temperature controller Digital

Power Supply Single Phase 220V

Smokeshaft Altitude 20 feet from ground degree

· 50kg per hr

· Option for medical waste.

Singular Chambered Round

Feed Product
Files, Containers wastes

1000 Kg/Day

Burning Capacity
125 Kg/hr

Format Standards
Normally validating to IS Standards

Sort of melting procedure
Absolutely No Gas System

Burning Chamber


1.25 m Dia (Approximate) x 1.2 m Elevation (Approx)

Temperature Degree
400– – 600 ° C

Chrome Alloy Steel, inside lining with fire bricks/Ceramic Clay

Outer Lining
Thermal Proof Cellular Lining


Self Sustained


Port Opening as well as Ladder for exhaust screening with complete online massaging system, thermostat

The systems will be made use of for our consumer camps in the field.

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