Sudan Medical waste Therapy Strategy

•    A burn rate of 25 – 30kg/hr.
•    Consists of two chambers to ensure significant reduction of emissions and be capable of temperatures in the range of 800-1000˚c.
•    Incinerator must be of a low maintenance design, be diesel fuelled and need no more than 15 amp 220-250 V power. KW consumption per hour should be stated.
(1)  What  are  main  differences  between  medical  incinerators:    YD-10C  and  TS10(PLC)?
(2)  After  combustion,  the  medical  waste  becomes  smoke?  Without  smell?  No  pollution?
(3)  What  should  we  do  to  release  the  smoke?    Prepare  a  pipe  to  direct  the  smoke  to  factory  outside?
(4)  Any  operation  guide  for  reference,  we  worry  that  it’s  difficult  to  operate?
•    The incinerator should also be able to run off a generator.
•    The incinerator should have option of tank and should use no more than 12L of diesel fuel per hour to burn 25- 30kg of waste.options for medical waste incineration for Kabul, Afghanistan
•    Design must be such to minimize risk to operators and have a simple start sequence to minimize operator training and skills
•    Solid waste reductions in the range of 90 – 97% should be routinely achieved.a central thermal treatment station in the city of Khartoum (9 million inhabitants) we started with two units of autoclave that treat up to 18 tons a day so far, and looking forward to add an incineration plant/s to serve for medical, pharmaceutical, and hazardous waste.

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