1. Capability of damages in weight: 500 kg/h.
2. It must have the capability to run very little less than 8 hours/day
3. This burner should be able to wreck all combustible wastes produced by medical facilities, personal facilities, laboratories, institutes, and so on
4. Design Spec: Kinds A, B, C, D, as well as additionally E of clinical waste.
5. PYROLYTIC combustion, by regulating the gasification of waste.
6. The incinerator needs to prevent the launch of black smoke and additionally great dust, (Smokeless) during the loadings.
7. It should have the ability to reduce the volume of wastes by 98%.
8. It needs to have the capability to hold discharge in the second melt with gas house of very little less than 2.
9. The incineration should be entirely lacking obvious smoke in addition to offensive scents.
10. The lower calorific power (L.C.P) of this waste will certainly be 3,500 kcal/kg.
The Temperature degrees of combustion: Minimum will certainly be 850oC as well as also max 1400oC.
Post combustion: >> 1100oC.
11. The Inner size of the Smokeshaft: Ø 400 and also its elevation: 8 m.
12. The Quantity of the burning chamber: 1.200 L.
13. The Measurement of the door for loading in centimeters: 120×× × × 120.
14. Burner procedure ought to be Automatic On/Off.
15. Gas: diesel/Gas.
16. The vendor has to supply required details for the very best of the installment This burner with PYROLYTIC burning require to have:
17. A burning chamber of waste:.
* Totally limited door for the hands-on loading of waste. The loading must be Handbook, Establish.
* A heating unit of lighting which the use is limited to the ignition of waste.
* Frontage of packing with door seals increased on hinges, wheel of screw plug, versatile joint, in addition to packing shielding out of refractory.
* The insulation of the burning chamber must be composed of refractory blocks, having a high product of aluminium in addition to secures bricks in order to guarantee a minimum temperature level on.
the outdoors sheet steel.
* Make-up of the refractory;.
Refractory concrete:
. Thickness: 100 mm
. Nature: 42% of Al203.
Shield in crude panels:

. Thickness: 75 mm.
Nature: Calcium silicate.
* Burner of illumination of waste, with gas, traditional mono-bloc casting leading diving flame, lighting as well as safety and security as well as safety and security of digital ignition, long-lasting air flow, electro-magnetic sluice entry of guideline and likewise isolating valve.
* Plate of burning in Carborundum, staying clear of the fixing of glass as well as slags.

18. A chamber of write-up burning of gases.
* A heating system of combustion of gases,.
* A tool of injection of air enabling a total recombustion of gases,.
* A device of air inlet of air conditioning of waste gases,.
* A sheath of emptying of the gases shed.
* Carcass in solid sheet steel with assistance of link.
* Cosmetics of the refractory;.
Refractory concrete:.
Thickness: 150 mm.
Nature: 65% of Al203.
Protect in coarse panel:.
Density: 85 mm.
Nature: Calcium.
* Heating system with gas, mono-bloc spreading assisting kind with straight fire, lights as well as safety and security of electronic ignition, lasting air flow, electro-magnetic sluice entryway of policy and isolating shutoff.
* A second injection of air to make sure best oxygen product.
19. A control box making certain the total cycle of combustion.
20. An Air contamination control device connected to the flue smokeshaft must be connected to quit.
unneeded retreat of impurities

21. Fan:.
* Electro-ventilator dispersing the second air, the policy of the air flow being implemented by valves along with following the control of the automatic cycle.
22. Controls and additionally regulations:.
Control box watertight to dust, consisting of:

* A button circuit breaker for each engine (ventilators along with heaters).
* A timer with adaptable temporization for the standard of each burner.
* A regulative authority with look for the temperature level of burning.
* A governing authority with watch for the temperature of blog post combustion.
* Electric box.

21. The de- ashing should be performed in all-time low of the combustion chamber or the deashing should be Automatic or hand-operated set de ashing.
22. Fine-tune Filtering system: Scruber to be mentionned as optional.
23. Release Needs Conformity: BS 3316 or équivalent standard.
23. Capacity to deal with Plastic: Very little less than 40% by weight.
24. CE Manufacturing Conformity: BS EN 746-2-1997

23. The company should give batches of added components of very initial seriousness in addition to consumable of the burner.
24. The mounted incinerator needs to bear a one year guarantee.
25. The supplier will certainly execute an onsite installation of the burner.
25. The technical training of chauffeurs will certainly need to be provided as well as additionally provided by a service technician from the production facility; it will absolutely consist of medical as well as additionally preventive maintenance, as well as additionally utilizing manufacturer, etc

NB.: Civil jobs as well as likewise any kind of various other connected solutions for the configuration and likewise training of operators need to be consisted of in the heater s expense.

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