Primary chamber – Consists of a monolithic high grade refractory concrete with high grade insulation backing, . Utilising a refractory hearth or equivalent for continuous ash removal.

Secondary Chamber – Consists of high density, low thermal mass refractory ceramic fibre with an innovative low emissivity protective coating. bio medical waste treatment plant ( Incineration )with panel.

SOLID WASTE INCINERATOR    Feeding Capacity:    200 to 220 Kg.
Burn Rate *    60 Kg / hr
Ingredients to be burned    Cotton, Rubber, PVC Sheets, PE Gloves, Oil, Plastic Bottles, Paper etc.
Chambers *    Dual Chamber.
1: Primary Controlled Air
2: Secondary Excess Air
Temperature Monitoring    Required
Temperature Control to Primary & Secondary Chambers    Required
System Status & Alarms    Required for all necessary parameters.
Fittings & Accessories    Complete Package is required ( Including Nozzles & Flanges etc.)
Installation Requirements.    As low as possible . Almost Plug & Play type.
Dimensional Sketch, Operation & Installation Manuals.    Required
Off – Gas System    Required
Heat Insulation    Required for indoor installation
Delivery    Karachi Sea Port – Pakistan

The details of Components of incinerator is as follows:
Component Name        Features                 Range.
Primary Chamber    Temperature Required*    800 – 1000 deg C.
Heating Source    Natural Gas

Secondary Chamber    Temperature *    1100 – 1300 deg. C
Heating Source    Natural Gas + Propane or Fuel Oil as an additional source
Off – Gas Residence Time     2 Seconds.
Refractory Material    Material *    Alumina ( 56 – 80 % Pure )
Lining *    SS 316L
Life Span *    10 – 15 years.
Rating Temperature    1600 – 1800 deg. C
Media    Slightly acidic
Insulation    Material    Ceramic Fiber
Thickness    25 “ minimum
Feeding & Ash Removing     System    Air Tight ventilating locked doors ( Feeding from Top will be preferred)
Spares    Required for 5 Years trouble free operation

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