pet cremation incinerators

The successful bidder shall deliver the incinerator skid in a container. The container will be emptied by CEB and

returned to the successful bidder / or to its shipping agent. A containerized solution is also acceptable.

  • Electrically operated 220 volt ( 60 Cycle – 1 phaze )
  • Able to complete burning material that turns to ashes all the component elements of the carbon or metal in the

incinerator with a closed air environment ,  <98%

  • Incinerator must maintain the high temperature in the combustion chamber to ensure complete combustion of the

waste , but not to the degree that leads to the formation of a cluster similar to those resulting



2.9  Interfacing with existing Sludge System


– Incineration of industrial wastes, including pesticides and PCBs;


– Ability to incineration 300-500 kg / hour.


– Complete unit with gas washing system.


The incinerator will be connected to the existing sludge handling system. The incinerator sludge tank will be filled

with sludge by means of a sludge circulating pump on the existing system. The sludge tank shall be equipped with

control valves that will open and close according to the level in the sludge tank.



For the DO tank, its filling line will be connected to the nearest DO supply piping. The DO tank shall be equipped with

a control valve for automatic filling of the tank and level switches that will trigger automatic opening / closing.



2.10       Supervision of Installation, Testing & Commissioning



The successful bidder shall also supply its rates for the supervision of installation and testing and commissioning of

the incinerator set. The rates shall not include accommodation charges. The following shall be covered under the

supervision of installation, testing and commissioning charges;

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