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1.Solidifier (Fluid waste disposal product)


Liquid Waste Solidifier for Water Based

Special Features of Solidifier

2lb bottle

Effectively solidifies potentially serious infectious waste quickly

Quickly8 penetrates to solidify blood and body fluid to convert Gels in seconds

No shaking required

Retrains solidity to prevent spills and leaks for safe and easy bagging and easy transport to disposal.

Concentrated formula: one ounce solidifies 1000cc of liquid

Dissolvable pouches gel 500 cc an 1000 cc, eliminating plastic bottle waste

Chlorine-free for non-toxic incineration

Fuel Oil or Gas


Capacity (Cubic Mtr) 0.47


Ave Capacity 45 kg per hour


Fuel Consumption (ltrs / hr) 11






Length (mm) 2000


Width (mm) 1220


Height Incl. Flue (mm) 6100


Door Opening (mm) 610 x 710






Length (mm) 1200


Width (mm) 620


Height (mm) 660






Min. Operating Temperature 950


Max. Operating Temperature 1320


Residency Time in Second Chamber .5 sec


Weight (Kgs) 1950

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