medi burn 30 contraband incinerator

air retention for at least 2 seconds at a temperature of less than 850C, the combustion

In order to achieve the proper effect.

? must be a two-chamber incinerators, primary and secondary

Fuel stoves

? The waste products to reduce the initial volume

Possible to minimize (approximately 5% sterile ash


Purpose: Top Loader incinerator of general, medical and dry waste to comply with the requirements of the Air Quality

Act, 2004 (Act No 39 of 2004)


1     Design standard  Retort type, multiple

2     Description of chimney     Top mounted, self supporting, unlined

3     Stack height from base     At least 11 meter (depends on height above sea level)

4     Incineration performance Capacity       750 kg/hour

5    Temperature Primary  Minimum 850 degree Celsius

6     Temperature Secondary    Minimum 1000 degree Celsius

7     Dimensions (minimum)(cm)







8     Loading door opening (m)       200

9     Description of grate/hearth      Full

10   Primary chamber volume (minimum)     1.05 cubic meters

11   Tools included    Poker, hoe, rake

12   Materials of construction (minimum)







Ashing door

Loading door


?     Chamber Volume: 0.1m3

?     Load method: Front

?     Fuel options: Diesel  or Natural gas

?     Typical fuel: Liquid propane gas: 6 liters per hour

?     Consumption: Natural gas: 6 liters per hour

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