medical small incinerator

Dimensions: World standard: 0.83m(I) x 1.0m(w) x 1.4m(h)

Burning efficiency: >98% china double chamber incinerator


?     Waste type and burn rate: Designed specifically for use by poultry

farmers, game-keepers and for pet cremation. The incinerator will burn

up to 50 kg of waste per hour.

?     Construction: Mild steel welded fabrication consisting of sheet

steel and structural section supports.

?     Lining: Monolithic high grade refractory concrete with high grade

insulation backing. Typical hot face temperature lining up to 1300o C

?     Burner: LPG oil/natural gas/bio gas fire/ Diesel

?     Loading- Ash removal: Lower railed ash door for easy ash removal.

?     Exterior finish: Multi-coat high quality, high-temperature aluminum

enamel  top coat paint, finished in silver.

Control: Manual temperature display




Refractory walls and roof

5 mm mild steel

Heavy angle and channel

1550 degree Celsius castable general purpose high strength, high abrasion resistant monolithic refract concrete

High grade cast iron

5 mm mild steel lined with 1550 degree Celsius castable general prupose high strength, high abrasion resistant

monolithic refractory concrete

1550 degree Celsius castable general prupose high strength, high abrasion resistant monolithic refractory concrete


13   Refractory concrete – alumina content  At least 48%

14   Refractory thickness  Not thinner than 102 mm but in primary chamber minimum 152 mm and 125 mm thick

15   Insulation to walls      1000 degree castable insulation

16   Chimney stack


Diameter of chimney at top

Weight of stack

5 mm mild steel

Minimum 430 mm

Approx 500 kg

17   Controls

Barometer damper

Door operated draught limiter

Air supply: built in forced draught heated air primary and secondary (intensifier)

Control panel includes circuit breakers, main switch, timer, 2 set point pyrometer and one set point pyrometer,


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